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Excavations during flood alleviation works in 2014 in two small areas of the affected site focussed on a former graveyard and an earlier bridge crossing the River Severn. Ossafreelance carried out the analysis of a total of thirty one 19th century inhumations that were exhumed, revealing extensive information about the individuals for comparison both regionally and nationally. Free download here:




We are pleased to announce that our publication Manufactured Bodies was nominated for the Current Archaeology Book Of The Year Award 2021!

Manufactured Bodies: The Impact of Industrialisation on London Health. Oxbow Books. By Gaynor Western and Jelena Bekvalac. Dec 2019. 

Do archaeological skeletal remains hold the key to understanding patterns of health and disease today? We look at trauma, air pollution, cancer, obesity and aging using the latest clinical technologies to discover more. More details can be found here:


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The Impact of Industrialization on London Health: In Radiology Open Journal, vol 1: Issue 3: 76-78. By Jelena Bekvalac (CHB, Museum of London) and Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance). 

The Remains of a Humanitarian Legacy: Bioarchaeological Reflections of the Anatomized Human Skeletal Assemblage from the Worcester Royal Infirmary. In Trends in Biological Anthropology 1. (2015) Oxbow Books. By Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance).

Archaeological Investigations at the site of the former Worcester Royal Infirmary: New Evidence for Dissection and Amputation from a Provincial Hospital. Transactions of the Worcester Archaeological Society (2016). By Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance).

Digital Radiography and the Historical Contextualisation of the 19th Century Modified Human Skeletal Remains from the Worcester Royal Infirmary, England. International Journal of Paleopathogy 10 (2015), 58-73. By Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance) and Jelena Bekvalac (CHB, Museum of London).

‘Soft Heads’: Evidence for Sexualized Warfare during the Later Iron Age from Kemerton Camp, Bredon Hill. In Knüsel, C. and Smith, M. J. (eds). (2014)The Routledge Handbook of the Bioarchaeology of Human Conflict.  Abingdon, Oxon. Pp. 161-184. By Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance) and Derek Hurst (Worcestershire Archaeology).

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The People: Physical Anthropology. In St. Martin’s Uncovered: Investigations in the Churchyard of St. Martin’s-in-the-Bullring, Birmingham, 2001. By Megan Brickley, Helena Berry and Gaynor Western (Ossafreelance).


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